Russia’s central bank confirms slowdown in its service due to computer attacks

The Russian Central Bank recorded this Saturday a Rapid payment system slowdown And the regulator warned in a statement, due to the increased history of computer attacks on the channels of communication service providers, although this will not affect the security of funds.

“Currently, due to the growing history of DDoS attacks on telecom provider channels, the slowdown in Short-term in the operation of the express payment system,” it was announced Saturday in a statement compiled by Interfax.

«Some processes may be slower Or it will have to be repeated after a while, but this does not affect the security of funds,” stressed the central bank, whose international assets have been paralyzed by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan, according to reports. Europe Press.

Russian economy forecast

JP Morgan He talks about the “collapse” of the Russian economy because of severe impact of sanctions, which will have a direct consequence marked disruption in its exports. According to a report published by the US Bank, Russia’s GDP will fall by up to 35% in the second quarter of the year after declining 10% in the first quarter.

Entity analysts expect a The disruption of export revenues and the collapse of imports, as well as “instant” capital outflows. In short, a terrible scenario.

Sanctions on the central bank, which has already caused ruble collapse by 30% Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, the interbank communication system has also been banned Swift It will contribute to stifling the economy, because it caused it Problems selling oil and gasIncome that saves a country’s life.

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The monetary authority, which suddenly raised interest rates to 20%, is increasingly forced to establish capital controlsJPMorgan analysts stress that the so-called kindergarten – long queues already seen this week in front of bank branches fearing a collapse of the system – while sanctions are undermining the pillars that support the Russian economy: large foreign exchange reserves and current account surpluses.

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