UK warns of imminent attack on Kabul-Prince Latina Airport

Hebei told Sky News that the intelligence gathered during the week makes the approach of a deadly incursion at the airport or at refugee processing centers run by Western forces more certain and credible.

Hours earlier, the British Foreign Office issued a statement advising UK citizens still in Afghanistan to avoid going to the air terminal in the Afghan capital, to look for a safe place and to wait for instructions when they leave the country.

According to reports in this capital, the governments of the United States and Australia have issued similar warnings to their citizens in the South Asian country.

The Taliban, undefeated in 20 years of foreign occupation, began to regain strength in Afghanistan last year, after the withdrawal of the US-led coalition began.

This rebel group entered Kabul on August 15 without facing resistance from the armed forces of President Ashraf Ghani, who left the country and took refuge in the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement reached by then-Republican President Donald Trump and Taliban chiefs at a meeting in Doha, Qatar, in 2020, and later ratified by his Democratic successor Joe Biden, sets an August 31 deadline for evacuation. from the US Army.

The fall of Kabul to the Afghan extremist group prompted the influx of thousands of people, mostly collaborators of the occupation forces, to the capital’s airport in the hope of being evacuated along with the foreigners.

On Thursday, the British Ministry of Defense said that 11,474 people, including 6,946 Afghans, have left Afghanistan on Royal Air Force planes.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has also promised to host another 20,000 refugees from that country in the next five years.


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