UK travel requirements as of today

Below DNI cannot be used for travel to the UKI wonder why it is necessary use the passport. They change the rules to get to England, as well as se requires a complete vaccination schedule. Unlike that there will be Complete a ten-day quarantine and take two PCR reports.

This new situation is due to the fact that the country left the European Union (Brexit) and the transition period has already ended. Hence, from now on, all citizens who wish to visit the United Kingdom must You have a valid passport, since the DNI is no longer a valid document for entering the country.

In a message on Twitter, the Foreign Office reminded those who intend to travel to the UK that “as required by the British authorities, from 1 October a passport will be required for nationals of Spain, the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland”.

Visas, health care and other services

The Spanish people To travel to the UK to do Tourism o visiting family or friends They can do that for a while Six months maximum without a visa. the same to perform studies did not last long and commercial activities Like lectures. To work or for studies that Exceeding six months is required to obtain a visa.

Is also exempt, at least until 2025, More than 350,000 Spaniards are enrolled in the settlement program, those who have processed it but whose case has not yet been resolved, those who have a family permit under the said program and those who have a border worker permit.

The settlement program is a Initiative launched by the United Kingdom For EU citizens residing in the country before December 31, 2020According to data from the British Embassy in Madrid.

No changes in health, Ago health care NS travelers coming from european union stay And you can continue Using a European Health Insurance Card Issued by the country of origin. regarding driving license, even if issued outside the UK, traveling They will be able to use it throughout the territory. An international permit is not required.

What if you do not have a full vaccination?

regarding covid-19, travelers will have to fill out the website form, such as those required by some autonomous communities such as the Balearic Islands, and Compliance With some health requirements, from dual PCR testing to quarantine, depending on vaccines.

from Monday 4th October The British traffic light goes to one red list and opens with the rest. The travelers Come to England Of the countries on the red list, Will Book a hotel quarantine package that includes two tests for Covid-19.

United kingdom Qualified as “fully immune” who got Vaccines approved in the UK, Europe, the US or the British Vaccination Program abroad. The approved vaccines are Oxford / AstraZeneca, Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, Janssen.

In addition to travelers They will have to to watch which has to feed Provide more than 14 days in advance a document (certified or digital) from a national or state level public health agency that includes name, surname, brand, vaccine manufacturer, vaccination date for each dose, and country vaccination. What else will it be Covid certificate/passport.

These people who are Partially vaccinated or not vaccinated must be done a PCR test up to three days before departure for England, book and pay tests for the second and eighth day of arrival; Complete the site form and comply with quarantine At home or where you are staying for 10 days and tested for Covid-19 on or before the second day or after 8.

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