Parallel leadership exacerbated the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil – Prensa Latina

According to the Senate agency, the legislator commented that this similar order went into effect during General Eduardo Pazuelo’s tenure as health minister and ended up exacerbating the epidemic in the country.

Former ministers in the sector Luis Henrik Mandetta and Nelson Tisch, the current president, Marcelo Quiroga, appeared this week at the International Criminal Court, which is investigating the actions, negligence or negligence of the executive branch against the pathogen, and on May 19 will do Pazuelo. And therefore.

For the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Inquiry, the presence of this similar team contributed to Mandita and Tish’s exit from the wallet.

Congressman Quiroga specified that there have been attempts to return to proper health management, but that they are still under strong resistance from President Jair Bolsonaro.

Rodriguez pointed out that “one thing has been perceived in the president’s head (Bolsonaro) and another in any doctor or technician who goes to the Ministry of Health.”

For Senator Ruggiero Carvalho, the first week of the ICC hearings allowed him to get an idea of ​​Bolsonaro’s involvement in the spread of the pandemic.

He denounced that the former military man defended ineffective medicines, encouraged the crowds, objected to using masks to protect himself from the virus, and did not request vaccinations to immunize the population.

Carvalho warned that Bolsonaro continues to obstruct the delivery of supplies due to accusations leveled against China and continues to fight the social isolation necessary to contain the epidemic.

In the opinion of Association member Umberto Costa, the committee’s first week was “very good”.

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He specified that the offers and responses of former health ministers showed that, in practice, Bolsonaro was trying to change the technical guidelines for dealing with the epidemic, ignoring scientific principles adopted around the world.

So far, Brazil has accumulated 416,949 deaths and 15 million three thousand 563 infections due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19.

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