UK: They published a WhatsApp message from Boris Johnson insulting the Minister of Health

Controversial Dominic Cummings, a former adviser to the British Prime Minister, on Wednesday published an image from a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation conducted with Boris Johnson, who insults it health ownerHancock died for leading the epidemic.

Controversial Cummings, who recently lashed out at the government he called anarchy, has criticized it on him. Head of the health departmentAnd he published, which he described as a “liar”, in his testimony before two parliamentary committees, on Twitter, today, a picture of the exchange of messages in the past with the leader of the “Conservative Party”.

In that conversation conducted through the WhatsApp mobile app, Cummings addresses a critical comment on the Hancock administration on the issue of testing for COVID-19.

on this comment, Boris Johnson He replies: “Totally ridiculous” (something like “completely ridiculous”).

On his Twitter account, Cummings notes that the screenshot in question is “evidence of the Covid catastrophe” and adds “like those of his Prime Minister Hancock’s administration of testing, procurement, personal protective equipment, nursing homes, etc., he said, was completely useless, and his copy in front of the House of Representatives, is fictional.”

Blame it on dealing with the epidemic

The letter is dated March 27, 2020 in which Cummings tells us Johnson: “The US went from 2,200 fortnightly tests to 27,000 per week and 100,000 yesterday. That’s what we said we should do. Instead, we’re still stuck at 5,000 to 7,000 tests,” MH (by Matt Hancock) said today he’s skeptical About getting to 10,000 by Monday, which he said will definitely happen on Tuesday.”

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He continues, “This means that tens of thousands of NHS workers (public health service United Kingdom) in the next three critical weeks. Regardless of what I have already said, the test system is an integral part of the escape plan.”

Cummings, who left Downing Street in November last year, focused much of his harsh blame on the government’s handling, particularly against Hancock, who believed he should have been “fired at least 20 times” and whom he called a “liar”. public and private. EFE

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