The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Nicaragua continues to investigate two NGOs – Prensa Latina

A press release from the authority specifies that investigations against NGOs (NGOs) Fvbch and the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Funides) include their boards and persons who show signs of rights abuse. People and Society in Nicaragua. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Public Prosecutor’s Office summoned six people connected to the aforementioned NGOs to testify, two of whom did not appear.

The Public Prosecution demanded the judiciary to lift banking, financial and tax secrecy from the investigators.

The memo says that all of the people called to testify have received financial resources linked to Fvbch and Funides, which are in turn paid from abroad by organizations such as the US Agency for International Development.

In addition, persons subject to the prosecution’s investigation face a process protected by Law (1055) for the Defense of the People’s Rights to Independence, Sovereignty, and Self-Determination for Peace, which sets out the causes leading to the crime of treason. against the homeland.

The Public Prosecution affirmed that it guarantees, during the process, the constitutional rights of the aforementioned persons and that they are investigated.

The investigation process began on May 20 when the Home Office summoned three executives from an already inactive Fvbch due to “inconsistencies in the 2015-2019 financial reports”.

As of June 2, the Public Prosecution Office of Nicaragua has requested the arrest of several opponents for alleged offenses relating to money and property, asset laundering, and business detrimental to national sovereignty in all cases.

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