UK talent: Of the 20 most successful young people in Europe, 12 are British

Age is just a number and this is what the latest Forbes list showed. The magazine selected the 20 most successful European young people under the age of 30 at the moment. In the first place they put the British Anya Taylor JoyThe young actress was the heroine of the movie The Witch and is currently filming Playmobil: the Movie.

In the same list appears Jorja SmithThe 21-year-old British woman released a single on SoundCloud, which has been made famous by rapper Drake thanks to her talent. They later collaborated together. In addition, the young woman already has more than 5 million followers on Spotify.

Among the artists on this list also appears 22-year-old singer Sigrid. The young woman of Norwegian origin received an award from BBC for one of his songs and will accompany Maroon 5 on their European tour. Two ballet dancers appear with them: Francesca Velico and Giacomo Rovero. Octavio, Mura Masa and Aya Nakamura, all 22 years old, are also dedicated to the world of songs and also appear with their own merits in the list.

But in addition to artists and athletes, the list of promising young people also includes businessmen who are achieving great success. idyl brown, At the age of 21, he invented a medical device to treat Parkinson's disease which became a huge success in Ireland. Haselbach Jari The 23-year-old is the co-founder of to speak, an application that allows you to transcribe any written conversation, regardless of the tone of voice of the interlocutors. An application widely used by people with hearing disabilities.

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ivan murfos, 23 years old, designed solar-powered benches capable of broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal. Currently, it has managed to sell more than 900 units to different cities in Europe. And so are the French Bouridon Arno She created Meditect, a project that rewards patients for purchasing authentic medicines from underdeveloped countries with Internet access.

finally, 22-year-old Harry Stebbings is the founder of VC 20 Minutes. A project targeting investors, which has already had 100 million downloads. The most striking thing about this list is that out of the 20 most successful young people, 12 are from the United Kingdom, 2 from France, 2 from Sweden, leaving only one young man from Croatia, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany. No Spanish.

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