How to save WhatsApp conversations on Android without using Google Drive and without paying

A few months ago, it was confirmed that Google would end unlimited storage of backups on WhatsApp, meaning that they can continue to be used, but now the copies will take up space in your Google accounts. in Basics of Xataka Mexico We have already taught you how to backup WhatsApp using Google Drive, but now we will teach you how to make backups for free Without using Google Drive.

How to make a backup on WhatsApp without Google Drive

There are two ways to back up your conversations without using Google Drive and without downloading software or paying for third-party services. The first method is Save the backup to SD storage From your cell phone or on a microSD card.

In this method we will do the following:

We go to WhatsApp settings and select the option “Chats”.

Now we are looking for the section “to support.”

Within these options we must Deactivate Option to use a Google account and repeat backups.

Then you just have to press the button “Memorizes”, Chat backups will automatically be saved to SD storage or microSD card, depending on the smartphone configuration.

If you are wondering where your WhatsApp backups are saved, you can find them inside the folder “Backups” Via WhatsApp.

The second way to backup WhatsApp chats is simply Export all chat to another medium, For example an email. That's why we do the following:

We go to WhatsApp settings and look for the option “Chats”.

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Now we are looking for the section “Chat history”

Inside we select the option “Export chat”we select the conversation we want to keep and then choose a service such as Gmail, Dropbox, One Drive, Outlook, etc.

And that's it, it's that simple Save a backup of WhatApp without using Google Drive. Remember, this doesn't mean you can no longer use Google to store your backups; It's another simple and free option To make backup copies. In addition, the exported data will take up space wherever you save it.

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