Sunak's UK 'rivals' back down and abandon their green plan

End your “green” energy plans. Keir StarmerLeader of the Opposition and current favorite to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has come under fire after it became public that Labor will scrap its “green plan” to invest £28bn a year (about 33,000 million euros). This commitment was one of the key actions in Labour's election manifesto, announced in 2021. Starmer will announce today that he will be lowering his ambition and ambition. You will not be obligated to provide any numbers Careful investment.

Party sources confirmed to the BBC that the so-called Green Prosperity Plan will continue, including: Establishing a government clean energy company. However, it will not include the $28 billion that has become one of the Tory government's main striking tools against Labour. It has already become widespread in recent months that the target of this annual investment will not be achieved at the start of a hypothetical Labor government, but only from the middle of the legislature.

Criticism from the left wing of the party

he The left wing of the party I rebelled against the decision. Unite, the main support for the Labor Party among labor organisations, has expressed its disapproval of the country's “catastrophic investment crisis in economic infrastructure”.

Treasury Secretary Laura Trott said in statements to the press that the decision… “Stresses that Labor has no plan for the UK, He added: “On the day Labor completes its programme, Starmer has torpedoed what he stood for as his main economic policy for short-term campaign reasons only.”

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Fear of lack of investment

Labor now fears that The lack of huge investments may scare off a portion of voters At the next general election, scheduled for this year, it is for this reason that they have chosen to present themselves as the party of fiscal responsibility, against “Tory” waste. Although Labor leaders have resisted in recent weeks to confirm this commitment, Starmer will not formally rule it out until today.

For its part, the popular group “Momentum”, which was once the main ally of former leader Jeremy Corbyn, called for his resignation.Surrender to the interests of the rightFor Greenpeace, abandoning the commitment to the Green Plan would be a sign of “weak political, economic and climate leadership by Starmer” even before he comes to power.

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