UK Spanish flash drive, safe destination

Turespaña this week launched a “flash” campaign to promote Spain’s image as a safe destination and to report on new entry requirements that allow access for minors aged 12-17 with negative PCR.

The campaign will focus on the social networks Facebook and Instagram for a period of two weeks, from February 16 to March 2, 2022 with an investment of 24,000 euros.

It is divided geographically by cities, specifically Greater London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Nottingham.

The campaign ads target couples with teenage children who have interests in topics related to travel, vacation, leisure, sun, beach and surfing, among others.

This is a campaign set up by Turespaña within the TRAVEL SAFE microsite, with the aim of spreading the facilitation of entry requirements in Spain among British families with minors in this age group without a full vaccination schedule, from February 14 these teenagers can enter the country by submitting a negative PCR test that has been taken in 72 hours before arrival.

The campaign design used is a library of 4 images, using the “Travel Safe” ad creative, to extend the message of the scaling:

Hosteltur . image press release

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