UK sites ‘The Crown’ cannot be used to record Lady Di’s episodes

A series about the history of the British royal family, The Crown, doesn’t have the freedom we think of taking its production to a point so close to reality. Especially when his text book reached one of the most important points in the existence of the royal family ( Lady Di and Prince Charles split), encountered some obstacles in his portrayal.

It was reported that the production of ‘The Crown’ and Netflix They hit a wall when they wanted to score in some of the most famous places in their life Princess Diana. So far, there are two places they can’t appear in this hit drama, because they were such an important part of Lady Di’s life.

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The locations used by ‘The Crown’ were many and in different parts of the world, because we remember that if there was one thing royals had done all their lives, it was to travel to meet the royals. their duties as members of the Commonwealth. But when it comes to Lady Diana, her close family is very careful about what they let her show off.

In the The story of Princess Diana and Prince Charles It had some significant places where it was developed, however, the production of “The Crown” in all of these places wasn’t able to take its cameras and equipment, so with a lot of creativity, they had to recreate it or look for some similarities to those scenes that don’t. Indispensable to understand their lives.

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Diana Spencer’s house, “House of Althorp”

Lady Di’s brother, Charles Spencer, gave a resounding ‘no’ to the production of the Netflix series so he could record some scenes from its fifth season at House Familia SpencerA strategic point in the life and childhood of the princess. Many rejected this decision and described it as hypocrisy, as the brother of the royal family did not hesitate before opening its doors to the public every summer and getting paid for it.

But he said his refusal was based more on his displeasure with the way his sister Diana’s story and Familia Windsor. “It is my duty to defend her as best I can,” Earl Spencer at one point stated, feeling the need to preserve his sister’s memory.

The life of Prince William and Prince Harry

Once in Princes of WalesOf course, his sons Guillermo and Enrique had to be influenced. Therefore, the producers of “The Crown” sought to get closer to Eton College, a school where Prince William was studying at the time, with the aim of recording some scenes in its facilities. However, campus administrators also said no to Netflix.

Prince William’s former school teacher said: “We don’t want to have anything to do with ‘The Crown.'” The scenes that were supposed to be filmed at Eton College will be reproduced at Winchester College, Hampshire, which is curiously viewed as a competition one institution. Option One. Nothing else the series can do, because the British royals also don’t get along with how they date it. Charles and Diana Wells In the fourth season, along with Camilla Parker.

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And of course other prohibited places to produce Netflix The most important royal residences are Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral and the Sandringham Estate, where Queen Elizabeth II divides her residence. Nor were they able to register at Westminster Abbey, although this could be considered public property.

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