UK sends 200 missiles to defend Ukraine against Russia | News from Mexico

London.- The United kingdom It announced the delivery of nearly 200 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine in response to the wave of Russian bombing that affected various cities in the country.

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps He called on the international community Unite and redouble efforts to provide Ukraine with the resources it needs to resist.

Shapps said in a statement that the delivery of the missiles is a clear message that the UK is fully committed to supporting Ukraine In the face of Russian aggression.

Russian PresidentRussian President Vladimir Putin, He was mentioned as responsible for testing Ukrainian defenses and designing the West.

International solidarity

This reflects the gesture of the United Kingdom International solidarity with Ukraine It seeks to strengthen its defense capabilities at a critical moment of the crisis.

Anti-aircraft missiles Asram typewhich the UK will send to Ukraine, is air-launched and has been adapted to operate ground-based anti-aircraft defense systems.

The British Ministry of Defense confirmed that these missiles will enhance the decisive capability of Anti-aircraft defense of Ukraine.

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This delivery comes in addition to other supplies and support that the United Kingdom has been providing to Ukraine since the beginning of the year. Including tanks Artillery batteries, armored vehicles, cruise missiles and attack drones.

The intensification of military and logistical assistance by the UK responds to Russian aggression Aiming to support Ukraine With its defensive ability in the midst of escalating conflict.

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