UK plans to move Russian military drones to ‘less vulnerable’ bases after Ukraine attack

Madrid, June 28 (Europa Press) –

British intelligence indicated on Friday that there is a high probability that the Russian armed forces will move their drones to “less vulnerable” bases after the attack carried out by Ukraine a week ago against a drone depot in Russia’s Krasnodar region.

The British agency said in a report: “These types of attacks are likely to hinder Russia’s ability to use its drones to carry out attacks on Ukrainian territory for some time, but this effect will be temporary if Russia moves its drones to bases that are less vulnerable to danger.” Statement issued by the Ministry of Defense on its account

“Ukraine will be able to capitalize on this recent success and continue its campaign against drones at Russia’s expense,” the text states, noting Russia’s “limited” ability to use its weapons and air assets since Ukraine has “deprived” the country of the possibility of “exerting control over Ukrainian airspace.”

He pointed out that Moscow currently “relies” on “the widespread use of drones to confront Ukrainian air defense and carry out attacks against military and civilian targets that go beyond the use of artillery.”

On June 21, Ukrainian forces attacked a Russian army training center at Yeysk Air Base in Krasnodar. This base is one of the five main points that Russia uses to launch its drone attacks against Ukraine. According to Kiev, the attack allowed the forces to destroy 120 drones and left nine wounded.

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