UK Parliament seeks passage of Safe Third Country Act

London, United Kingdom /

The controversial reform of asylum by the government of Boris Johnson, which is considering outsourcing the analysis of applicants to third countries, On the verge of entering British law after overcoming a final parliamentary hurdle.

After an amendment was rejected on Wednesday in the House of Lords, the upper house of the British Parliament, The text will soon enter into law once it receives the approval of Queen Elizabeth II.

Reform plans to toughen penalties against human traffickers and immigrants who knowingly and secretly arrive in the country, As well as outsourcing asylum procedures to third countries. Two weeks ago, the Conservative government announced an agreement with Rwanda to send asylum seekers there. He arrived illegally in the UK.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to control immigration, a key issue in the campaign for Britain’s exit from the European Union But the number of illegal crossings across the English Channel tripled in 2021, A year in which 27 migrants died in a shipwreck at the end of November.

In the face of criticism for its reform, The government has argued that those contemplating these dangerous journeys should be discouraged And put an end to the profitable business of human traffickers.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees criticized this approval, which “undermines well-established international law and practice relating to refugee protection.” In a statement, Filippo Grandi said he was “concerned about the UK’s intention to outsource its obligations to protect refugees and asylum seekers to other countries” and noted that this was abnormal. “Contrary to the letter and spirit of the Refugee Convention.”

The NGO Oxfam, through one of its directors, Sam Nadel, has denounced that approval of this “repugnant” text assumes A devastating blow to families fleeing conflict and persecution.

“The government should protect refugees, not punish them.” He denounced “the immoral plans to outsource the responsibilities of asylum to Rwanda.” “The horrific conflict in Ukraine garnered massive popular support for the refugees” “A reminder of the importance of a fair asylum system and the need for more safe and legal pathways,” he added.


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