UK Parliament is investigating Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

According to this office’s website, the investigation into the prime minister responds to Paragraph 6 of the Code of Conduct for Lawmakers, which states: “Members must be open and frank when announcing any relevant interest in the proceedings of the Council and its committees.”

Likewise, it includes communication with ministers, members and public servants or holders of public office, and establishes the Standards Commissioner as an independent entity responsible for checking complaints of alleged wrongdoing by Parliamentarians.

The reason for this investigation seems to allude to his wife Akshata Moorthy’s ties to a childcare company called Kuru Kids, which is listed on the government’s website as one of six agencies charged with this responsibility.

Parliament questions whether Sunak’s statement on the issue is “open and frank” in accordance with the rules set by the Standards Commissioner, as the company could benefit from the policy announced in the spring budget.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, reported on March 15th a pilot test of state payments to new carers of boys and girls, mainly registered through agencies, of around €1,200.

However, the chief minister did not mention Murthy’s ties to the Koro Kids when he was questioned by lawmakers about the policy during a parliamentary committee hearing on March 28.

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