Camilla from the UK takes a week off due to “exhaustion”

Queen Camilla of the United Kingdom, 76 years old, is “exhausted” and decided to take a week offAs reported by the British press. Since King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer in early February, The Queen Consort has doubled down on her public agenda To cover the absence of her husband at a time when the British Crown is experiencing difficult times, as Princess Catherine has also been absent for more than two months due to health problems, which has led to a decline in Prince William’s activity. Wales. Thus, Camilla has cleared her schedule of commitments until March 11, the date on which she will return to work, and this Monday. He will take a private plane to travel abroad, to a “sunny” destination, As mentioned the sun. In this week of the Queen's absence, Anna, the Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh will continue with their planned commitments.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward said in her statements the sun Which It could have been Charles III himself who insisted that Camilla take a few days off. “He will see that she is exhausted. Camilla was very concerned about her husband's health, but she was also the one who had to expand her schedule full of royal obligations, in addition to her desire to be there for him and Catalina.” “While everyone else is suffering,” Seward said. Health problems. The Queen's Consort was the most visible face of the Queen the Royal family Britain last month He participated in 13 commitments. Last week, for example, she attended as the sole High Representative of the Crown a mass in honor of King Constantine of Greece at Windsor, after the Prince of Wales announced at the last minute that he would not attend “due to a personal matter.” He hosted a reception for the 500 Words creative writing competition for children at Buckingham Palace and met with the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, at Clarence House.

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The absence of the Princess of Wales is driving the networks crazy

Although the announcement that Charles III had been diagnosed with cancer a few months after his coronation shocked public opinion, What really worries the English people is something else: “Where is Kate Middleton?” The Princess of Wales, 42, has not been seen in public or in any photo since last Christmas. On January 17, it was announced that she had been admitted to hospital in London after undergoing “scheduled abdominal surgery,” without giving any further details. Kensington Palace announced this in a statement The princess will not assume her public duties again until after Easter.That is, at the beginning of April.

However, the absolute lack of information about its development, especially The lack of any photo showing that Katrina is in good condition has sent social networks into a frenzy. Who started putting forward conspiracy theories about what could have happened to the princess. In an attempt to settle this storm, Catalina's communications team stated that they have already warned of “princess recovery times.”

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