Cities of Andalusia that the Times magazine recommends to visit

British tourism is one of the most faithful destinations in Spain. The sun, pleasant temperatures in most of the peninsula, and affordable prices for the British economy are among the reasons why many cities are “colonial”, especially in Andalusia.

For this reason, The Times magazine has published the 20 most beautiful cities in Spain, including six Andalusian municipalities. Foreigners are delighted with its history, heritage and family atmosphere.

Granada, Almeria, Huelva, Málaga and Cadiz are the provinces that the British outlet has chosen to recommend to its readers.

Pampaneria, in the Alpujarra, Granada.

The most beautiful city in Spain

It is one of the gems of Granada. It is located in the Boqueira Valley and in the region of La Alpujara. A beautiful white city that has preserved its barbaric appearance, according to the Association of the Most Beautiful Cities in Spain.

The small square of Pampanera is a meeting point for everyone from the city mixed with tourists, and it is the place where cultural events or concerts are held.

The city has great unevenness, but in the meantime, the unevenness and fatigue seem to go unnoticed.


The most beautiful city in Spain

Described as the “Vizier’s Gardens”, a legacy of its Arab founders, this corner of Malaga shows all its splendor among chestnut, holm and cork oak trees.

According to the Association of the Most Beautiful Cities in Spain, the beauty of Genalguacil is also found in its cultural and gastronomic heritage, it is necessary to highlight the artisanal products they produce, of which the cork is one of the protagonists, or the olive sticks, which are created by their beautiful craftsmen. Enjoying tomato soup and hot gazpacho in any of its streets is another moment we can’t miss.

Located in the heart of the Genal Valley, one of the most virgin places in Andalusia, its historic center made up of low whitewashed houses, allows the parish church of San Pedro de Verona to stand out, with its characteristic octagonal tower, from the eighteenth century. A century in the classic academic and Baroque style with touches of the Mudéjar style, giving way to visiting this “museum city”, where its streets become contemporary art galleries throughout the year, with more than 120 works of art that we can visit through the streets of Genalguacil and the streets of the Museum of Contemporary Art .

Luquina de las Torres.

The most beautiful city in Spain

Lucainena de las Torres is without a doubt a gem to discover. As soon as you enter the city, the exquisite care with which its streets and the facades of its houses are preserved, as well as the meticulousness with which its neighbors decorate their homes with flowers, undoubtedly attract attention. The flowers that paint the picture of the city in bright colors as if it were a canvas and give the atmosphere a scent that makes walking in its streets an unforgettable experience. This stunning, pure white city is enlivened by the warmth and closeness its neighbors give off when speaking to them.


The most beautiful city in Spain

It is a movie arena, looks specially carved to amaze. In the Sierra de Huelva, bordering the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park, is Almonaster, a small town of just over 600 inhabitants. The city itself, in addition to its 14 villages spread over a vast municipal area of ​​320 square kilometres, has become an indispensable place for anyone who wants to discover a unique heritage area, a landscape rich in vegetation full of splendor and color endowed with a famous architecture of great interest, with cobblestone streets. Unique angles and a huge historical, cultural and legacy make it well deserved cataloging of the Art Historic Site since 1982.

Setenil de las Bodegas

The most beautiful city in Spain

Setenil de las Bodegas defies gravity, architecture and reason. This municipality of Cádiz belongs to the Middle Ages, and today preserves the remnants of its Almohad past in the space of La Vella, although the human presence dates back to the Neolithic period. From the medieval fortress, the Torre del Homenaje and an underground cistern still stand. In addition, its heritage is complemented by the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnacion, in Late Renaissance Gothic style, and the hermitages of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, San Benito and San Sebastian. The Old Town Hall features an impressive 16th-century Mudéjar coffered ceiling, unique in the county, and your visit is part of the so-called Catholic Kings Way, a route that allows you to discover Setenil’s historical legacy linked to the Christian conquest of 1484.

Castelar de la Frontera

The most beautiful city in Spain

Castellar is full of history, which is just one of the many reasons it makes a traveler fall in love. The castle located at the top of the city is an old Nasrid castle from the 22nd century.

This enclave is included in an itinerary called Ruta del Toro, which takes place in the province of Toro, and invites you to discover the life of this animal in its natural habitat.

Castellar de la Frontera, in Cádiz, in a rocky setting with its impressive castle that seems to watch everything from above, is considered the green lung of that region. Its origins date back to the Bronze Age, although it has many Islamic origins, which is evidenced by buildings such as the Torre de la Almoraima.

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