UK orders up to 16 RG Mk 1 protector drones for RAF – Space News

The UK has commissioned the first three RG Mk 1 protection systems (three aircraft, three ground control stations and support equipment) as a first phase of procurement, and is expected to acquire 13 additional aircraft, four ground control stations and equipment. Support this year.

Working in the UK will help develop revolutionary detection and avoidance technology Protection would be permitted to fly throughout UK airspace safely. It would also allow the RAF to optimize requirements to fully integrate protection operations at Waddington, with RPAS working alongside fixed-wing aircraft as a base.

SkyGuardian’s return, to be known as The Guardian in RAF service in 2023, To the UK this summer offers an exciting glimpse into the future. “The garrison will be able to fly for up to 40 hours in civilian airspace, which means it will be able to perform a variety of military or civilian support missions,” said Air Brigadier General Richard Barrow.

The plane is in Waddington this summer It will be operated by the manufacturer, General Atomics-Aeronautical Systems. Known as the SkyGuardian, it will participate in the Joint Warrior, a large-scale multinational military exercise as well as conduct a series of capabilities demonstrations for partners and allies.

The protector is an advanced mid-rise and long-lived RPAS (male) obtained to replace RAF’s Reaper. It will bring enhanced armed intelligence surveillance, guidance and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities, including extended range, increased payload and planned integration of UK arms.

The first RPAS will be designed, built and certified to NATO’s stringent security certification standards. The United Kingdom is the equivalent of manned aircraft.

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