FAO implements a victim rehabilitation plan in Nicaragua

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has a plan to rehabilitate victims in Nicaragua due to Hurricanes Eta and Iota, which was revealed in an appeal.

Rehabilitating, diversifying and enhancing the resilience of the livelihoods of 25,000 rural families, in which about 130,000 people affected by meteorites, is the core of the program, which requires funding of 6.4 million dollars, as identified by the organization.

The proposed Nicaraguan response plan will have a special focus on indigenous peoples and will focus on gender.

The FAO said its focus will be on the autonomous region of the northern Caribbean coast and the communities of the Alto Wangke-Bokai special region in the northern province of Jinotega.

These regions in the far northeast and north of the largest country in Central America are highly economically dependent on small-scale subsistence farming and artisanal fishing.

FAO’s emergency assistance includes the provision of seeds of beans, rice and maize, as well as resources and technical assistance to rehabilitate seed treatment and storage infrastructure.

It will also support the revitalization of animal production such as pigs and poultry, the delivery of veterinary supplies, as well as technical assistance to prevent the spread of disease.

In the fishing sector, the proposal includes providing sea workers with nets, lobster traps, and hooks, as well as materials to repair damaged vessels, training and technical assistance for handling, processing and marketing their products.

The organization will also provide technical support to government institutions to assess needs, losses and damages, and revive the agricultural sector.

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Severe hurricanes And the (3 November) H. corn (November 16) caused economic losses in Nicaragua of just over $ 742 million, equivalent to 6.2 percent of GDP.

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