Former mayor of UG, now independent looking for mayor

Doctor of Agricultural Engineering and University President University of Guanajuato (UGHe stopped his academic and scientific activities to focus on them Before running mayor Salamanca.

Jose Manuel Cabrera Sixto Join the independent candidates to rule the city Guanajuato. In 2015, the academician wanted to be re-elected as president of UG And compete against Louis Philippe Guerrero Agribino, In the case that ended up set Agribino As dean of the College.

During the 1980s the world graduated from College from Texas A&M A Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering and a PhD in the same subject. Destined for Environmental Sciences, The College He was recognized as an outstanding graduate in 2013. When he studied in College from SocaAnd the Japan He was awarded a medal Honorary DoctorateThe highest award awarded by the mentioned institution.

The current politician announced on December 12 that he would add a case Political Science As an extension of his many trade. In addition to being an academic and researcher, he aspires to rule Salamanca. Through Twitter, Cabrera Sixto He asked his friends and followers to support him Before running With your signature.

Environment and Political ambition He hopes to meet the general needs of his town with the support of its citizens.

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