UK government, amid criticism, reveals list of schools affected by concrete – Publimetro México

Madrid, 6 (European Press)

The Ministry of Education’s list includes four centers that will be forced to start the course electronically, and 19 other centers that will postpone returning to classrooms. The idea is to carry out reviews and repairs that will ensure the stability of all these properties, most of which are only partially affected.

The crisis focused on part of the government’s observation session on Wednesday, in which Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defended that he did not have to apologize for taking the measures if new information to support them emerged. He also confirmed that the “vast majority” of centers are safe, and promised that the authorities would try to resolve any concerns “quickly”.

Opposition Leader Keir Starmer, the Labor Party, addressed some of the controversies of recent days before the House of Commons, asking Starmer if he shared Education Secretary Gillian Keegan’s unease over the lack of congratulation for the executive’s supposed “good job”.

Keegan was forced to apologize after she said at the end of the interview: “Would anyone say to me ‘You did a pretty good job’ because everyone wouldn’t get up off their ass? No sign of it.” This, isn’t it? “No?”

Starmer also blamed Sunak for cutting funding for reforms to education centers during his time as finance minister, in line with a complaint made to the media by a former senior official who referred directly to the current tenant of Downing Street.

However, for Sunak, the program proposed by the previous Labor government to reform schools was “expensive” and time-consuming. Moreover, according to the Prime Minister, 80% of the centers were neglected, contrary to Starmer’s claims in favor of his party’s projects.

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