British version of ‘Don’t Look Up’: TV presenter plays down experts’ warning about heat wave and it spreads fast

British news anchor GB . news He questioned a meteorologist’s warnings about heat waves in europe suggested it People should be happy about the weather.

During his program, meteorologist John Hammond reported rising temperatures and noted that There could be “hundreds, if not thousands, of excess deathsIn the coming weeks, he described the data as ‘frightening’.

At the time, presenter Beverly Turner dismissed her warnings and replied, “Oh, John, I want us to be happy with the weather.”

“I don’t know if something happened to the meteorologists that made them a bit deadly and ominous. Because every broadcast, especially on BBC, every time I turn it on everyone talks about the weather. They say there will be a lot of dead but, Have we not always had a warm climate?He stated this during the programme.

For his part, the meteorologist explained that Records of high temperatures are becoming more frequent and the heat waves They have become more extreme.

this week, Many countries in Europe faced a severe heat wavewith temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius. The drought in the environment and high temperatures have also caused this to happen Forest fires It spreads and spreads quickly.

Just The United Kingdom has exceeded 40 degrees Celsius This week, the For the first time in history that reach these temperatures. Experts predict this in central and southern England could These days it reaches 43 degrees, while the 1600 dead last summer Because of the high temperatures that could reach this year 7 thousand deaths.

While, Portugal has recorded more than 1,000 deaths Because of the current heat wave, the head of health warned, yesterday, that the country must prepare to deal with the effects of climate change as temperatures continue to rise.

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Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom They are also fighting against Ongoing fires generated by a heat wave.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) estimated, on Tuesday, severe heat waves It will be popular in Europe During the summer months of the following years and until 2060.

He also warned that it could have wide-ranging effects on people and infrastructure, as well Adverse health effects and deterioration of air quality.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the frequency of certain types of extreme weather events It is increasing due to climate change.

After the controversy, the presenter repeat his stance During the presentation they asked about humanity’s role in climate change. He stressed that it is unlikely that there will be many deaths due to heat waves.

However, he recognized certain consequences of rising temperatures, such as fires, and ensured that trains, buses and other means of transportation, as well as schools and businesses, were ready.

“I wasn’t wrong about the UK not being ready to adapt: ​​trains and buses canceled; businesses closed Schools told students to stay home. But we didn’t see 100 or 1,000 dead!” the announcer wrote on social networks.

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