Colombia and the United States review progress on migration issues

He explained in this sense that Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva Duran, along with a group of senior officials, held a meeting with the National Security Advisor in the White House, Elizabeth Sherwood Randall. Head of US Southern Command, General Laura Richardson; and Under Secretary of State for Management and Resources Richard Verma.

The two parties discussed the challenges facing the countries on various fronts, especially those resulting from irregular migration.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they have committed to maintaining joint action, in bodies such as the Trilateral Group (which they share with Panama), in the regional and multilateral spheres and, above all, at the bilateral level.

They also discussed the need for increased bilateral cooperation to address illegal migration, which is often promoted by criminal organizations.

They highlighted progress made at the bilateral level, in some of the measures adopted such as the establishment of Safe Mobility Centers in Colombia, through which both countries are making progress in being able to provide the legal means to immigrate to the United States.

Today, American officials are in the Darien (Nicocli) region, where they, along with representatives of the Colombian government, will conduct a field inspection of the situation on the Colombian-Panamanian border.

An increase in the number of migrants trying to cross the Darien Forest has created an emergency in Uraba, Antioquia. According to the Governor of Antioquia, Anibal Gaviria, in recent weeks the number of stranded families has doubled in municipalities such as Motata, Apartado, Turbo and Nicogli, who will live on the streets due to their vulnerability.

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