UK firefighters are taking refuge in Spain after a rise in the number of bushfires

Recorded bushfires in the UK It doubled in 2022 due to extreme heat and drought Compared to the previous year. The number of recorded fires in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland reached 23,699 last year, compared to 9,307 fires in 2021. Therefore, fire services across the country are working to Investing in new equipment and turning to other countries with more experience in combating it, such as Spain.

Large fires have been rare in the UK as long as records have been kept. In fact, when satellite observations began in 2006 through the European Union’s Copernicus system, No major fires have been recorded for five years. And from then on 599 forest fires It burned 126,618 hectares, according to what was published guardian.

Last summer, when the country recorded a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius for the first time in its history, it was particularly difficult for firefighters. The fires spread across the country and directly affected towns in Winnington, London, Barnsley and South Yorkshire. In addition, they have burned vital wildlife habitats and destroyed forests and other ecosystems vital to the fight against climate change.

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Given this situation, the British newspaper reported that the fire services Invest in all kinds of new equipment That they don’t need yet, such as all-terrain vehicles, drones, and knapsack sprinklers, as well as systems that help firefighters cool down while fighting fires. All this to prepare for the hotter summers.

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Some of the country’s fire services are even turning to other countries with more experience fighting wildfires. For example, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS). Firefighters sent to Catalonia for training Specializing in how to act in the face of increasing danger.

Matt Deadman, deputy director of operational response for Kent Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Last summer, we dealt with some of the largest bushfires in our history. guardian. “These fires highlight the undeniable impact of climate change.”

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In any case, British experts are asking their compatriots to do so Take extreme precautionsEspecially when smoking, holding barbecues, or lighting a fire outdoors. Stefan Dwyer, professor of bushfire science at Swansea University, said: “Even on a cold day, dry grass, heather or bracken can easily catch fire, and we need to be increasingly alert to potential sources of ignition.”

As UK experts warn, The danger is real and particularly seriousBoth for nature and for societies. Rob Stoneman, Landscape Restoration Manager at Wildlife, said: “This year we have seen catastrophic fires across Dartmoor, Northumberland and the Scottish Highlands, to name a few, devastating meadows, woodlands and other beautiful wildlife sites. to guardian.

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