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he Conservative Party British On Monday, it announced plans to reduce the quotas of work and family visas granted each year in order to reduce… ImmigrationIt is a major issue in the campaign for the July elections.

Governors subordinate to the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak According to opinion polls, they are showing a clear loss in these elections compared to the Labor Party. Keir StarmerWhich presented its own anti-immigration strategy over the weekend.

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This issue will be part of the television debate scheduled for Tuesday between the main candidates for the House of Representatives elections 4th of July.

Both parties consider the number of migrants arriving in the country to be too high. United kingdomAlthough they differ on how to deal with it.

The net migration stock last year was 685,000 people, less than in 2022 but three times more than in 2019, when the Conservatives won the last election with a promise to reduce this flow.

We have taken bold action to reduce the number of people coming to this country. The plan has worked, but immigration levels are still too high, so we have to move onSunak said in a statement.

The strategy presented by the Conservative President means that Parliament will set a limit every year on visas granted, which will be gradually reduced.

This limit will not affect visas granted to foreign students and temporary workers.

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According to official statistics, in the fiscal year ending March 2024, more than 300,000 work visas were granted, more than double the number four years ago.

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The plan presented by Starmer’s Labor focuses on… Reducing regular migration by punishingBad bosses“Which violates labor laws Requiring employers to give priority to training British people before bringing in foreign employees.

The Conservatives are the only party that wants to take the bold measures needed to reduce immigration numbersSunak said.

His government has already introduced new regulations this year to limit regular migration, and has also approved a controversial plan against clandestine migrants that includes sending asylum seekers to… Rwanda.

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