Invasion of the English

British actors and actresses are very popular in the United States, and we have recently seen a large number of celebrities appear in American films and series.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain (Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales) had excellent actors and actresses. Now American actors no longer play superheroes.

Superman, the American icon, is played by Henry Cavill, a film actor of British origin. The new Spider-Man is played by Andrew Garfield, who is also of British origin and whom we saw in the movie “The Social Network.”

Robert Pattinson, Ed Westwick, Daniel Radcliffe, and Henry Cavill.

Many of these actors have made the jump to Hollywood, becoming very famous and talented, and in most cases, they have helped improve the quality of films and series with their exceptional acting and amazing talent.

Keira Knightley, Emily Blunt and Emma Watson.
Keira Knightley, Emily Blunt and Emma Watson.

Despite their success in Hollywood and international fame, these English actors never leave their homeland and origins aside. Sometimes they manage to do film work in the US alongside film, theater or television roles in the UK.

Colin Firth is the king among English actors.
Colin Firth is the king among English actors.

Colin Firth is the hero of the film “The King’s Speech”, where he plays George VI, who was a stutterer and therefore a very insecure and without authority figure. Firth was nominated for an Academy Award for his breakthrough performance in the film.

Here we bring you a small list of other famous people British actors and actresses.

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Jude Law

Hugh Scholarship

Kim Cattrall

Orlando Bloom

Hugh Laurie

Ralph Fiennes

Paul Bettany

Julie Andrews

Rowan Atkinson

Mischa Barton

Rupert Grint


Pierce Brosnan

Colin Farrell

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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