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Jaime Guzman Velasco, known as Sonido Famoso, is currently one of the most loved and supported projects in the audio environment. The man from Puebla left his university medical studies to devote himself to music, and his proposal began to rise, and he even recently shared the microphone with Los Temerarios at one of the concerts on his farewell tour.

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The young man is from the family Texcalapa He is from Juarez, Puebla, and since he was young he was involved in the vocal environment, as his parents went to dances, in addition to his father having his own voice.

Left medicine

In 2014, he started what is known today as the “Sonido Famoso” cabin style, because he wanted it to bear the initials “Sonido Famoso.” ghost. “In my mind, I needed the ‘fa’ word, so I called him famous, even though at first many said he wasn’t even famous,” says Jaime.

But when he arrived in the city Puebla To study at the university, he discovered the world of sound in the capital, and there he discovered that he loved it and wanted to improve his project.

in it 2020 He bought more professional equipment for dances, as well as studying medicine and simultaneously working as a vocalist, however, two years ago he decided to temporarily stop his studies due to the workload, as he fell ill and also made his first tours in the USA. .

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“(…) Really working here requires a lot of effort and time. I was unable to adapt. I became paralyzed, so I had to stop studying, so I decided on audio, but I hope to return to them one day because if it was something I liked, I don’t regret it.”“, it states.

Ten years of musical career

This year it is 10 years of profession, But the last two were the most important, as he was able to attract more people, and he performed in front of more than 12 thousand people. “It means a lot of love, a lot of appreciation and a lot of responsibility. I have always loved to excel in the environment in which I work, and I try to do my best, devoting all my time to it. The idea is to continue to grow,” he says.

for him growth This was also reflected in the equipment acquired. “I was talking a few months ago that I can’t imagine how much we’ve grown, but I feel like it’s not time to think about it, because I feel like we still have a long way to go, plus the fact that I don’t see it because of the material, but because of the audience, when I see How we get there every time for more people, I feel proud.

Sonido Famoso’s popularity caused negative comments from some social media users, especially from some followers of other voices with a longer history, but this was not an obstacle to his rise. Mosques.

“I don’t care what they say on social networks, I’ve always tried to prove it with facts, many told me that I didn’t have equipment at first and was buying it, and they also say why someone so young is a star in posters, but at the shows you show them why.

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It became widespread thanks to the fact that it revived Grubera’s music in dances. Voices He unleashed the great songwriting flair of groups like Los Temerarios, Los Acosta, Bryndis, and the Bybys, among others, even making the phrase “not those” popular during his events.

“When I played with them, I had a lot of fans tell me they actually got hurt “Famous for those who don’t put down because they touch my heart.” So I decided to say this phrase at all my events, and it also spread.

Reckless people

Mosques I went to a concert in Mexico City Reckless people During the show, one of the band’s sound engineers recognized him from a tour in the United States, so he informed the band members and they took him backstage.

“I went and they told me that they liked my videos and my work, that they were very humble people, and they told me that when they went to Puebla they would give me the microphone so I could say ‘no.’ That kind of thing,” and so it was. It was a magical thing, and people were excitedHe admits, in addition, the moment was shared on social media and the videos received thousands of views.

Jaime’s popularity is so great that during the Los Temerarios concerts he attended, he caused a stir among the people. “Both times I went, security had to take me out because too many people had gathered and there was chaos. It was nice because you don’t expect a lot of people to know you. They had to take me somewhere else, not because I wanted to, but because of security instructions. “People are nice.” reveal.

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Tour of the United States

This June, Sonido Famoso will go on tour to the United States for the third time to give 25 presentations, amounting to New York, California, Chicago, Texas, Florida, Utah, Oregon, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee.

“It’s a blessing to be from Puebla and to be able to bring music, and fortunately we’ve had a very good response from people in the United States. Of the 29 events we did on the last tour, it seems to me that 22 were sold out, so we expect the same.” (… “When I return to Puebla, I hope people will have the opportunity to get to know the acoustic environment, the dancing is very beautiful, and I am grateful for the support of all my followers, new and I will never forget the first ones who supported me.” Jaime highlights.

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