UK begins deportation of Rwandan migrants from the country



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The UK government considers that they have entered the country illegally. Human rights associations denounced the fleeing of asylum seekers from reception centers for fear of being sent to Rwanda.

Oscars Irakuri: Rwandaco Migrazilek Canburatzeko Prozesua Appiato de Irisoma Batwak

The UK government sent the first 50 notifications to the people Migrants you plan to send to RwandaAnd the British Prime Minister announced, on Saturday, that they entered the country illegally, Boris Johnson.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Johnson predicted that he would have Migration plans, agreed with the African country in AprilHe is expected to face various legal proceedings before the British courts.

The first minister said, “There will be a lot of legal opposition from the kind of companies that have used taxpayer money for a long time to build these kinds of cases and thwart the will of the people, the will of Parliament. We are ready.” .

Immigrants have deadlines for Between seven and fourteen days to file allegations Against the plans, which were criticized by opposition parties, more than 160 non-profit organizations and various members of Johnson’s Conservative Party.

A report by the Red Cross and the Refugee Council this week warned that asylum seekers in the UK Flee from reception centers They have been and tried to hide in recent weeks for fear of being sent to Rwanda.

Some began to refuse medical and psychological support Facing the fear that the health system will share their data With the Home Office, he adds that document.

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The British Executive appreciates it 28,526 people crossed the English Channel in 2021 to enter the UK infrequently, up from 8,466 the year before.

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