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This Saturday is the grand finale Eurovision 2022, which takes place in Turin (Italy). There are 25 finalists. Spain ranks tenth, ahead of hosts Italy and ahead of two other nominees: the Netherlands and Ukraine. The concert will be opened by We Are Domi, representing the Czech Republic, with the song Lights Off, and Stefan, the Estonian actor, will conclude with the song “Hope.”

Spain is one of the favorites to win, along with the UK, Ukraine and surprise finalist, Moldova. Beyond the results, the celebration of the Eurovision Song Contest has its costs, especially for the countries from which the competition is broadcast. Traditionally, the champions of each edition are the hosts of the following year’s event. This 2022 is Italy’s turn, with Italian Maleskin who took first place last year. Thus, the event will take place in a few hours at the PalaOlímpico in Turin, starting at 9:00 pm.

Rumor has it that countries don’t really want to win the Eurovision Song Contest because it’s too expensive to host. “No winning country has turned down hosting since Israel in the 1980s, but there has certainly been speculation that some are crossing their fingers that their performance does not make it to the top of the popular leaderboard,” said Jonathan Merry, CEO of MoneyTransfers. .com, which made a file Host country cost analysis During the past ten years.

According to the study, Baku in Azerbaijan (2012) was the country with the most spending (65.1 million euros), while the country with the least budget allocated to the festival was Stockholm in Sweden with 11 million euros in 2016.

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According to initial local media reports, this year’s event in Turin, Italy will cost around 16.3 million euros, with 14.8 million euros coming from municipal authorities and 1.5 million euros from the government nationwide, along with additional funding from sponsors. This figure is far from the figure used by Azerbaijan (2012), not counting the 100 million euros spent by the country to build a new stadium.

Budgets (and final costs) in those 10 years varied, from the €44.8 million Denmark spent in 2014 to the limited €19.9 million spent by Malmö, Sweden, the year prior.

In 2017, Kyiv (Ukraine) allocated 37 million euros. In 2015, Vienna (Austria) spent 32.8 million euros. In 2019, Tel Aviv (Israel) used €28.5 million. In 2018, Portugal (Lisbon) allocated 23 million euros. In 2021, Rotterdam (Netherlands) spent 19 million and in 2016 Stockholm (Sweden) spent 14 million.

Specifically, the last song to win from No. 10, as Chanel will do tonight, was “Heroes”, by Swedish artist Mann Zelmerlo, in 2015. The hosts, Italy, will be seeking the double with Mahmoud and Blanco and their popular song “Priveday”. . The Italian song is the most listened to on streaming platforms for 40 participants, with more than 71 million views on Spotify.

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