UK and Germany suspend Eurofighter operations due to potential ejection seat issues

Citing problems with a component of the seat ejection system, the Luftwaffe decided to preemptively suspend part of its fleet until the pilots’ operational safety had been verified.

as stated Thomas WegoldA German Air Force spokesperson confirmed today that Eurofighters do not participate in active protection roles on the European eastern flank and are not part of the QRA -Quick Reaction Alert- based in Wittmund (QRA North), Neuburg – Donau (QRA South) and with alternatives in Nörvenich and Rostock-Laage, will be discontinued because there is “no certainty about operation of pyrotechnic cartridges” for seats installed on aircraft.

Initially, the suspension affected the Panavia Tornados, but it was put back into service after checking that the aircraft’s supply line was not affected because it belonged to a different production line than the Eurofighters.

This action was soon accompanied by the Royal Air Force, which announced the suspension of “non-essential” operations of the Eurofighter and BAE Hawks. As an immediate consequence, the scheduled airlift for Red Arrows at the conclusion of the Farnborough Air Show was cancelled.

The Panavia Tornado and BAE Hawk both use the Martin-Baker MK.10 seat, while the Eurofighter MB MK.16A carries. Although, as noted, the Tornados have been released back into active duty, for the time being, the RAF has paralyzed the Hawks until the corresponding revisions have been completed.

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Although it was indicated in some reports that the Spanish Air Force would have taken a similar action, until the closing of this article, it had not been confirmed by official means. A similar situation exists with Italy’s Aeronautica Militare, the fourth operator of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

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