UK and Continental join Germany to recharge trucks with freight outlets

Electrified roads are a solution that has been tested in Germany since 2019, when the first section of the “electronic motorway” was opened in Hesse. A project promoted by Siemens with a length of 10 km and where Through the ports helps to recharge the truck battery.

The system has some limitations, such as a maximum speed of 90 km/h, and hybrid trucks must be adapted with a special pantograph installed at the top of the cab. But the result of these tests is satisfactory enough this week Two major companies have announced their collaboration with Siemens on the development of new electric highways: Continental in Europe and costin in the UK.

Target: 4,000 km of electric roads by 2030


Continental will collaborate with Siemens to develop a panoramic for trucks, to connect these vehicles to electrified road blocks. The goal is to drive these types of roads across Europe to help power electric trucks and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

This eHighway is Compatible with fuel cell or hybrid electric trucks. They have a fixed cable with which truck batteries can be recharged and today they are already used on some roads in Germany and Sweden has its own system.

As explained by Continental, Not all highway miles need to be electrified. The initiative includes an attempt to equip 4,000 km of roads with these chains by 2030. A figure that includes only the truck-frequented sections in Germany. According to the calculations of the German Federal Ministry of Transport, these 4,000 kilometers will help reduce between 10 and 12 million tons of carbon dioxide.

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There are currently three beta tests of the electronic highway, one on the A5 motorway in Hesse, the other on the A1 in Schleswig-Holstein and the third on the B462 federal motorway in Baden-Württemberg between Copenheim and Gaginau. Continental Siemens plan Large-scale implementation of new pilot programs in 2023.

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The UK will implement the first electric motorway in 2024

In parallel, the British Department of Transport gave the green light distance Consortium headed by Costin Construction and Engineering Group To develop these electrified highways. A £20m project involving companies such as Siemens itself or truck maker Scania.

as described Live BusinessIt will be the first electric motorway in the UK la M180 in North Lincolnshire. A section that will be completed by 2024 and by extension About 30 kilometers long, to be the first electric road test to cover such a long stretch.

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