UK and Australia join shipment of armored vehicles to Ukraine

To the announcements made in the previous days by countries such as the United States, Germany and the Czech Republic regarding the shipment of heavy items to Ukraine, the United Kingdom has now been added. your prime minister, Boris JohnsonHe revealed, who visited Kyiv this weekend, that his country will send 120 armored vehicles, in addition to new anti-ship missile systems.

Previously, Australia also chose to supply armored vehicles, specifically about twenty vehicles Bushmaster (Made by Thales Australia) in response to the appearance of the Ukrainian President two weeks ago, Vladimir ZelenskyIn front of the country’s parliament he asked for more military aid, including for this type of vehicle. The Australian government announced on Friday that the material was already on its way.

The NATO Looking for a way to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons in the face of the approaching new phase of the Russian invasion, which is expected to occur in the Donbass. The Pentagon indicated last week that Russian forces had withdrawn from other places, particularly around the capital, Kyiv, to re-equip them with the aim of increasing operations in this region of southeastern Ukraine.

Basically last week, various shipments of heavy materials to the country have been announced so that it can face the above mentioned new phase which is estimated to be imminent. Germany, for example, finally gave the green light a few days ago to send 58 armored vehicles PVV-501 (Previously BMP-1) to Ukraine by a Czech company that has been trying to formalize this shipment since 2019, which requires Berlin’s approval because it is a material of German origin, specifically from the old Racial Discrimination Act (German Democratic Republic).

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It turned out earlier that the United States promised to facilitate the arrival of battle tanks to Ukraine and to ship dozens of battle tanks by train. T-72 combat armor BVP By the Czech Republic sent to the country last week. This last supply was possible after obtaining permission from Germany and partners NATO.

According to British military intelligence, Russian shelling continues in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and Ukrainian forces repelled several attacks that resulted in the destruction of Russian tanks, vehicles and artillery equipment. Now hostilities are expected to escalate.

The British Army will get 100 more boxers

It so happened, at the same time that London revealed the supply of 120 armored vehicles to Ukraine, the country’s authorities announced an increase in its own armored fleet.

boxer, which will finally be 623 units, adding another hundred to the 523 already ordered. These, as defined by the country’s Ministry of Defense, are “modern digital armored vehicles that can be used to transport troops to the front and can be rapidly reconfigured to perform different roles on the battlefield.”

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