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They reveal the duration of the symptoms of Omicron in the vaccination with three doses

The Duration Symptoms of Omicron In people who have a booster vaccine against COVID-19, who have become infected with this variant, small of people who also took all three doses but became infected delta variable.

Thus, a study published by the magazine ‘scalpelconducted by scientists at the UK Public Research University, King’s College London. For this study, experts gathered Data from more than 63,000 citizens who reported symptoms related to SARS-CoV-2. As stated in the study, the Less common symptoms In patients with omicron was loss of sense of smell.

However, compared to these delta patients, the symptoms The most common was strep throat. In addition, the expert report reported that the hospitalization period of the analyzed patients was lower in omicron patients. “Our data suggest a shorter period of illness and possibly infection that should influence occupational health policies,” they said.

Regarding the duration of symptoms, in the case of the variable Omicronfeet Average duration 4.4 days. A shorter period if compared to the duration of symptoms in these patients with the variant delta. in your case, The average was about seven dayswhich is three days more than the last known variant of COVID-19, which in recent months has caused a rebound in infections and cumulative cases around the world.

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