Mandate rescinded: the National Institute of Statistics will seek to investigate Morena’s “opaque and anonymous” propaganda

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advisor National Electoral Institute (INE)And Roberto Ruiz Saldanadenied the boycott signs made against the Electoral College after revocation of the mandate, the citizens’ consultation that took place on Sunday, April 10; Plus you announced Investigation against non-institutional advertising, ‘everything was anonymous and opaque’careful.

In an interview given to Jose Luis Arevalo In the media space Jose Cardenasto formula setthe advisor to the National Institute of Statistics announced that one of the great “unknowns” of revocation of the mandate It is the source of non-institutional advertising resources, so an investigation will be conducted in this regard.

According to the advisor of the National Institute of Statistics, they are “Millions of Pesos” which were used for advertising in billboards, fences, and loudspeakers, among other activities, in a work he deemed “anonymous and opaque”. He announced that an investigation would be conducted to determine the responsibilities.

The sheer pervasiveness of this non-institutional (revocation of mandate) exercise that did not come from the National Electoral Institute is one of the biggest unknowns to investigate (…) It’s the millions of pesos that one cautions that Ruiz Saldana stated were destined for that campaign.

In the same place, Ruiz Saldana refused to boycott the National Electoral Institute against the abolition of the mandate, noting that The federal government cuts 4,900 million pesos for the electoral college In fiscal year 2022, which did not allow the installation of ballot boxes for federal elections.

The official pointed out that the sentence Electoral Tribunal for the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) Opening INE access to more resources, but Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) He rejected such a measure, saying, “It is clear who the boycott came from.”

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Regarding whether more polling places might encourage greater citizen participation, the chancellor said that such a premise could not be maintained, “Here in Mexico City, there is no denying that there was transportation to get around and that it was one of the least involved entities”plot.

Roberto Ruiz Saldana responded to the statements of Mario Delgado, the leader of Morena, who asserted that the National Electoral Institute had put obstacles to the abolition of the mandate, such as the installation of only a third of the voting booths. The Electoral College announced on Monday 16.5 million Mexicans voted in the consultation; Share 17.7 percent of the nominal list.

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