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A woman experienced months of agony after the UK Tax Revenue Agency mistakenly deposited more than $1 million into her bank account.

The case has been reported to During this year, after 15 months without Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Agency (HMRCHe discovered he had mistakenly deposited £774,839 (about $1,029,190) into the woman’s account.

In August 2020, the mother of a 5-year-old was surprised after reviewing his bank moves and finding an astonishing amount of money.

“It was like something out of a Hollywood movie, and after getting over the shock, I assumed someone would realize they made a big mistake and get the money back quickly. But no one did, and the money stayed on my card.”He pointed to the middle.

The woman stated that the experience was “amazing and weird”, but that will later turn into a nightmare; since then, if the authorities realize the mistake, she can go to prison.

Section 24A of the Theft Act 1968 in the UK It makes keeping illegal money a crime. If a woman keeps other people’s money and does not return it to its original owner, she may be imprisoned.

“I thought HMRC employees would notice their mistake when I paid my taxes in November 2020, but nothing happened.”, She said.

“I even tried to call the bank, but locating someone at that time was impossible. I would wait 30 minutes on the phone and then I would give up, because my son would need to be fed or something,” Related women.

Some of his friends advised him not to say anything to anyone and keep the money, while others advised him to invest it in real estate. He even thought of depositing a portion in cryptocurrency to make a profit.

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Before reporting the case WatchmanThe woman spent around £20,000 and was unable to get it back right away. Deposit money arrived in the middle of a pandemic COVID-19 So I had to use a part.

It was later discovered that a bank employee had made a mistake by trying to pay the woman a refund of customs duties on £24 packages.

According to the media, the money was not intended for another person or company and will likely never be discovered if you do not report the case.

HMRC Awareness of the error through a complaint Watchman Women’s help is offered at all times.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the woman. We are working to recover the amount paid. For the amount the person spent, we will work with them to come up with a payment agreement that takes into account their financial circumstances.”They said in a statement.

It is known that the amount spent by a woman will be paid in 5 years.

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