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Bearing in mind that agriculture is one of the most vulnerable sectors of the economy – due to its constant exposure to various risks that affect productivity, returns, profitability and the ability to generate income in the future – on December 9, between 2-4 in the afternoon, the virtual forum will be held ” The agricultural sector: risk management and insurance, with a gender and inclusion approach.

From this perspective, this space addresses the main stake in an economic activity of such national importance, which is why it will explain what is risk management in this segment and why? Why is the UK supporting this initiative? What are the benefits of an Agricultural Risk Management Information System (Sigra)? What is the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Opera in this regard?

Likewise, it will present to production unions, what is the benefit of making use of a tool like Sigra and how to make this tool’s gender and inclusion approach viable? To embody these risk management strategies? In order to discuss what is the importance of risk management in rural agricultural planning in Colombia?

The second session will talk about the benefits of agricultural insurance from a financial perspective, and will answer other questions such as: Why is CAF part of this process, its contributions and why focus on the issue of agricultural climate? Is the Importance of Agricultural Risk Management and Sigra? , among other things.

In the discussion “Commitment to Risk Management, Gender Approach and Inclusion”, moderated by Ernesto Cortes, General Editor of El Tiempo, will include Tamar Bello, Director of Prosperity UK in Colombia; Juan Gonzalo Botero, Deputy Minister of Agricultural Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture; Marcela Uruña Gómez, Government Adviser on Coffee at the Ministry of Finance; Felipe Fonseca Vino, of the Agricultural Rural Planning Unit (Opera), and Adolfo Caceres Melo, President of Vinagro.

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While you are at the Agricultural Risk Management Panorama panel, which will be moderated by Citytv journalist Sandra Velez, there will be Daniel Aguilar Corrales, Land Use Technical Director at Upra; Miguel Arango, Senior CAF Specialist; Manuel Jiménez Briceño, Director of Seguros HDI, and Maria Clara Hoyos, President of Asomicrofinanzas.

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