It details the millionaire project of the former ambassador to the United Kingdom

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Learn in detail about the million dollar project planned by the former Chilean ambassador to the United Kingdom for the municipality of Santa Juana.

© Aton ShelleySusana Herrera, former Chilean ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The news outlet imol Gave details Millionaire Project who planned to Former Chilean ambassador in the UK, Susana HerreraThis cost him his position after pressure and criticism after implementing the initiative to establish King Carlos II without informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in advance.

They provide details of the million-dollar project planned by the former ambassador to the United Kingdom

It should be remembered that he is the architect and also a former candidate for the Constitutional Convention to resign Ambassador after a procedure Environmental restoration project by $5 billion in the municipality of Santa Juana.

To turn this initiative into reality Herrera Sent last June a letter to Biobeo Regional Government Details of the project you are seeking Restoration of areas damaged by forest fires last summerbut, The former ambassador did not inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this It ended up costing him his resignation.

Details of the millionaire project, former ambassador

through a letter Susana Herrera He began introducing himself to the ruler Rodrigo Diaz 13 last June. “Dear Mr. Governor: I am writing to you in my capacity as the Ambassador of Chile to the United Kingdom Submit an initiative which we have been working in cooperation with Circular Bioeconomy Alliance (CBA), an organization established by His Majesty Carlos Ell and the prestigious architecture studio Zaha Hadid

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As biin known, The bushfires that broke out in February this year had devastating effects in the Biobio region. Exacerbated by climate change and severe drought, these extreme events have affected the world Population and housing activities, forestry and agricultural production, tourism, forest plantations and local biodiversity in several municipalities of the regiondetailed.

In search of financing

In this context, Herrera The governor asked about it Live support In search of a Economic support to implement the initiative. “As the Ambassador of Chile to the UK, I understand that a project of this scale and impact requires the collaboration of many public and private actors.But above all from the regional authorities. for this reason, Allow me to ask for your direct support In everything that corresponds to his abilities regional ruleras well as in Find the necessary financing To make this great opportunity come true for our region.”.

Project guidelines

As detailed by the method above, the project profile contains 4 lines of development With specific components to implement it:

  1. Nature-based resilient landscape restoration (budget 210,000,000 dollars)
  2. The circular bioeconomy of using wood and forest waste (budget 240,000,000 dollars)
  3. green infrastructure (Tourism, local production, educational technology) (Budget 3,400,000,000 dollars)
  4. Capacity building and community participation (budget 187,000,000 dollars)

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