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The multinational company records about 88,000 drivers who have downloaded their apps.

In the presence of In eight Ecuadorian cities, 88,000 drivers Those who have downloaded the travel app, Uber is trying to expand its customer base in Ecuador by targeting other sectors.

The travel and delivery technology platform, which has been in place in Ecuador for three years, as its existence has not been without objections from the taxi drivers’ union, registered in the midst of the pandemic 150,000 people used your service for the first time.

Spencer Friedman, General Manager of Uber in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, He says that despite the fact that there were months when the pandemic contracted to use this travel service, since May, they’ve noticed 15% growth every month.

Ecuador is a marketplace, although its territory is small, it is an important business activity with potential for multinational corporations. Here, according to Spencer, there is also a niche willing to pay for a subscription to access better services.

The unemployed became delivery men for up to 12 hours to find basic income

Hence, the platform decided to introduce Uber Pass, a subscription product that costs $ 7 per month, in which the user receives discounts on trips and Uber Easts.

In addition, in these weeks, it launched other services such as Uber Promo, which offer lower prices at certain times; Uber XL, with larger cars to carry purchases; And Uber Planet, where the user can offset their carbon footprint with a small extra amount to buy environmental bonds.

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By requesting this option, the User contributes up to 3.6% of the tripIt aims to support sustainable projects to preserve forests and protect biodiversity.

In Quito, more than 37,000 users have already used this product and are allowed to receive the equivalent of 1,200 tons of carbon dioxide.

Friedman notes that with the new services they are expanding their portfolio targeting different sectors of users.

You reside outside the country, Uber users in Ecuador pay 12% VAT Every time they use this app. Friedman believes there is an incorrect ranking in the Internal Revenue Service’s record, given that they are commission agents as a technology platform.

In Ecuador, Uber drivers do not have an affiliate business relationship and are considered self-employed. They earn every trip and Uber charges them around 25% for using their platform. However, this business model is under discussion in some countries and has already brought about the first changes in the UK.

Uber bestows the status of its British drivers

You will be given Uber Drivers in the case of a UK employee, With a minimum wage and paid vacations, which is a 180-degree shift in the digital platform paradigm in that country and could have ramifications in other markets.

The US giant announced this week that more than 70,000 drivers in the UK will receive these benefits following a court ruling. (I am)

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