UANL supports medical students

Monterey. – After the work done by students stopped School of Medicine From UANL, Not to include it on a day vaccination anticovid in Nuevo León, both the university and faculty have expressed their support for the students.

Through a statement, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León indicated that it supports it and is certain to receive the application made by the students.

“We are confident that this application will receive the utmost attention and attention from Federal and state authorities From Health The interview, because our university hospital is distinguished as a teaching hospital.

“Likewise, we reaffirm the commitment to maintaining an open, honest and institutional dialogue, with every student, and the reason why we are from our university, to whom we offer a comprehensive, high-quality, comprehensive and equitable education with principles and values,” he said.

However, he explained that as part of the strategy to curb the spread and transmission of the virus, students in the eleventh and twelfth semester, as well as university trainees, are not carrying out their activities in the region. Coronavirus disease.

In this way, given the availability of this specialized field, it was decided that students who are in the eleventh and twelfth semesters, undergraduate trainees, do not develop their activities in this field exclusively for Coronavirus disease.

“We consider the concerns expressed by the College of Education students to be legitimate School of MedicineIn the sense that it enters into the role of applying the vaccine as soon as possible, “he explains UANL.

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