UAG opens international medical campus

Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG) On Friday opened its international medical campuswhich will provide continuous improvement of teaching using the latest technology.

These are the new facilities It will be for all students of the International Medical Programwhich is attended by students from the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

This was said by the rector of the university, Antonio Liño Reyes It is an achievement to have these renovated facilities as part of an international expansion programme.

He emphasized that “the international program deserves a place like this, and in the end all relevant modifications were made to have effective classrooms, laboratories and simulation areas.”

The International Medicine Campus is located in the building where Unico University used to be, on Avenida Universidad, between Juan Palomar and Avenida Patria. It has the capacity to receive a thousand students.

Alfonso Petersen, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences at UAG, He stressed that the new facilities are equipped with the latest equipment.

“The most important thing is the dynamics that will occur here, because it is a building that is 100 percent designed for medical school students,” he commented.

. added With these new facilities four advantages are obtained, Where there will be more space, classrooms that respond to trends, state-of-the-art simulation centers, and a stronger medical program.



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