UAdeC analyzes the increase in places at medical school

Given the growing need for medical specialists in the entity, the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila School of Medicine intends to gradually increase its enrollment by 30 percent in the next three or four years, said Director Jesús Angel Padilla Gamez.

The above indicates that this will be done with caution so as not to affect the educational quality that has distinguished this institution for half a century, as the school is about to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its founding.

This is one of the most in-demand schools in the university with nearly 2,000 registered applicants and only 90 accepted, so the choice is exhaustive.

“Within the program that we propose for gradual growth, we believe that over a period of 3 to 4 years we can have a greater educational offer; we aspire to 120 but we do not want to make mistakes so that the quality does not decrease,” he said.

Padilla pointed out that the health sector needs doctors and there is a struggle to meet the demands, and for this reason, harmonious work between educational and health institutions is necessary to confront this reality.

He stressed, “Fortunately, thanks to a series of administrations, 50 years have passed since we achieved this year the status that is growing and we do not want to harm it, because by increasing quantity, quality decreases.”

He explained that once the necessary elements are available to provide a larger number of places, they will be opened to the community to better contribute to meeting its needs. (David Gonzalez/Infonor)

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David Gonzalez |  informationDavid Gonzalez |  information

David Gonzalez | information

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