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Amber Tiffany has caused inconvenience to area residents United kingdom With his unique statements against this country, he indicated that moving to United State It was a decision he did not regret and explained his reasons for. His words were enough to get his clip broadcast Tik Tok It gains great popularity and a heated debate occurs. details Viral moment I'll tell you here in the mag.

This girl moved to the American country when she was 17 years old, and after only three years of adapting to these customs, she came to an unexpected conclusion: she believes that British citizens “have bad feelings” and “don’t want” to see you prosper.

“I'm just starting to be around smarter, more business-savvy people. I feel like I hate being one of those people, but the UK has really bad vibes.”“, pointed out the young woman.

The content creator had no problem criticizing her compatriots, believing that they had no intention of supporting each other. Along these lines, he praised the incentive Americans provide to achieve their personal goals.

He hesitated to move to the United States

Amber remembers that it was very difficult to make the decision to leave the UK, because she could not imagine a life without her family and friends, as well as not doing the things she loved most, but she admits that she would have regretted it. If you have not arrived on US soil.

“Honestly, I thank God that I was going to get on the plane and go back to the UK, but I had other plans for myself. (…) The UK does not want to see them prosper: that is the people, that is the (British) government, that is the truth“, he concluded.

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