ChatGPT now has smart memory

It is a fact that artificial intelligence is conquering the world of the Internet, and this is proven by ChatGPT, where the user can refer to any information in the world so that all kinds of data are presented or even create long texts so that the writing process is more bearable. However, in OpenAI They are not resting when it comes to updates, and now they have given it a new functionality that will surprise those who want to interact with the tool.

They recently reported that memories are being implemented with this chatbot, making it remember things that the user has already told it, in order to have more information at hand that one might not have in mind at specific times. The customer can also provide you with personal information that will be stored in memory, which may be surprising.

The interesting thing about this implementation is that it can be activated in two different ways, the first is to ask the chat to remember something specific, so as to use the information later with data that the user can easily forget, and more using the subject of symbols or numbers. Then we have a more precise accumulation of memories, as the robot will learn as the transformation evolves and will retrieve data from specific questions.

ChatGPT memory

With this in mind, users might think that some of their privacy would be compromised due to memory, but fortunately options have been created to erase the bot's memories, whether it's memories of a specific question that was asked or deleting the entire conversation. In addition, administrators ensure that personal information is not compromised at any time.

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Here are the statements:

We may use the content you provide to ChatGPT, including memories, to improve our models for everyone. If you wish, you can disable this through your data controls.

As mentioned earlier, you can disable it from the Personalization option in the Settings menu.

via: Unlock Artificial Intelligence

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Editor's note: This AI thing is a little scary, I won't deny that at all. However, the topic is interesting, and it is interesting to see how far technology of this kind advances.

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