Tyson Fury concludes one of the most shocking trios in history

Robin Beck

He was a fighter. dramatic. passionate. Loaded with tension below and over the ring. credible evidence that the parent class is enjoying a fresh comeback; The sincere testimony that intelligence in boxing complements technique. the giant Tyson Fury He did it again: defeated the American for the second time Deontay WilderAnd by KO in round 11, keep it scepter heavy subordinate World Boxing Council, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las vigas. This way I closed the triple before Bronze detonator With two wins and a tie.

Under the watchful eye of former NBA players Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal, former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis and legendary promoter Bob Arum among the 20,000 spectators who thronged the field, Wilder and Fury put together an engaging match and repeated all the good things about it. The two who excelled in 2018 and 2020. Far from speculation and that aphorism that appeals to boredom from repeating big duels, the champion and challenger plunged into a furious exchange of blows during the 12 rounds and fulfilled all expectations.

Compacto de Fiori vs. Wilder III

to me 33 years, the Gypsy Fury performed a near-perfect performance: he put out powerful punches, and acted with a steady blow that felt more like a hammer than a barrier to set a distance and continually cut Wilder to reduce the trajectory of his effects and, in turn, reduce the power of those. It didn’t matter to him that he crossed COVID-19 Less than a month and 21 months without a fight. His poise was flawless for Wilder who failed to avenge his February 2020 defeat at the same stage.

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The exchange of blows in the first two rounds predicted an amazing and amazing match. They soon revealed the rivalry generated in the ring. And Wilder began to take advantage of powerful blows with his right hand on the body. Uncomfortable and somewhat lacking in distance in the opening laps, Fury had to resume his strength. When the suit was unfavorable to him, in the third round, he was able to clear Wilder’s face right and send it to the canvas. With great difficulty, with great meaning, the challenger got up and made it to the end of the lap.

Since then, the confrontation has added sharpness and drama. Wilder, afflicted with his pride, came out on stage four ready to reverse the bad image of the previous round and with his powerful right hand he hit Fury, who looked shaky and stood in front of the bell. However, this fall was not significant to the British. Soon he became the absolute owner of the stock and won some clarity rounds 5, 6, 7 and 8, defeating the American twice.

Physically and psychologically, Wilder outlasted as best he could under the strong hands of the born Wythenshaw, UK. Every second of periods 9 and 10 became a struggle for the Americans, punished by Fury whenever he wanted, who took advantage of the bigger stretch and 20kg difference. Until the end came in Round 11: Wilder’s head was sentenced to two strikes in Episode III of One of the best trios in the history of world boxing.

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With this victory, Gypsy Fury expanded his immaculate record to 31 wins, Of which 25 they went to story, And tie. Meanwhile, Wilder, from 35 years, I stayed with 42 successes, 41 ko two defeats And equality. “It was a great fight, worthy of any triple in the history of the sport. I won’t make any excuses, Wilder is a solid fighter. I always said I was the best in the world and that he was second‘ said the Englishman, still on the T-Mobile Arena mat. Well, between the two, after three head-to-head accidents, there were at least nine, with an average of three per encounter.

Sympathetic and rude at the same time, ready to proclaim the worst atrocities of flair and stir the crowd by recounting the miserable experiences of his life, Gypsy Fury is the new champion of British boxing. The days of depression and excess weight that plagued me are now a thing of the past. After completing the triple against Wilder with two victories and one draw, he is at the top of the best weightlifter in the world and opens Unified clash capability, next year, with the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, who defeated Anthony Joshua weeks ago and became the WBA, WBO and IBF Heavyweight Champion.

“I would love to have all the belts. If Usyk is ready, we can have a big fight,” Fury added. However, it will depend on the will of the Englishman Joshua to postpone the return match with the Ukrainian. Unlike that, gypsy king You should target Cubans Luis Ortiz and Frank Sanchez, Britain’s Joe Joyce and Dylan White or Mexican Andy Ruiz. All of them, high-ranking boxers that rank a class that for a long time suffered from the quiet dominance of Vladimir Klitschko. The same person with whom Fury started the 2015 World Cup.

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