Futsal: El Salvador is linked to the United States in its World Cup debut

The futsal team The savior He beat the United States by scoring a 1-1 draw on his Futsal World Cup debut at CONCACAF in 2021 in Guatemala.

The US team was the 1996 and 2004 champions, in addition to finishing third in the 2000 and 2008 tournaments, but had to settle a point against Cuscatelco’s team led by Juan Carlos Palma.

In their second participation in the tournament since the last time in 1996, the El Salvador team came close to winning with Samuel Muñoz’s goal, but the North American team reacted at the right time as they scored Iverson’s Chilean goal. Maciel

El Salvador had a good display and a defensive system against the North American team and even managed to score more than one goal in the first half.

In the first minutes of the first half, there was a mistake on Samuel Muñoz and the related free kick, then there was a header from Alan Solis who could not recognize goalkeeper Diego Moretti, who shortened the shot angle well.

Marvin Diaz was also close to scoring six minutes before halftime with a low and powerful shot that passed near the post’s base.

The Salvadoran effort will win a prize in the final stage of the first half, with Rodrigo Contreras and Samuel Muñoz combining. The number 12 player from Selecta capped a shot between the post and Moretti goalkeeper.

In the second half there were occasions in both goals. In the 15th minute, Muno was encouraged by a shot from outside the area that passed close to the post and the North American goalkeeper followed only with his eyes.

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The United States was also close to the equalizer with a great touch from Luciano Gonzalez, who left Salvadoran goalkeeper Emerson Lemos with his legs and completed his refusal from behind.

The player who was not forgiven was Iverson Maciel when he controlled a serve from the goal and stunned the El Salvador goal with Chile’s 1-1 goal, with 11 minutes remaining.

The last stage of the match was intense. American Jeremy Clipal dominated the ball in front of the area but sent the ball into the stands. El Salvador created two approaches but did not find clarity and calm due to the competing brand.

With two minutes remaining, a foul on citizen Salvador Aguilar resulted in a free kick by the same team. He picked power but Moretti acted well and refused his fists.

El Salvador’s second match against Cuba will be on Tuesday 4 May at 12:00 pm and the group stage will conclude on Wednesday 5 against Nicaragua.

The group stage will take place from 3 to 6 May, followed by the quarter-finals on May 8, the semi-finals on May 9, and the third-place and final match on Sunday 10 May.

The top four winners of the CONCACAF Futsal Championship 2021 will qualify for the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Lithuania.


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