Spain won its first World Cup by defeating Italy in the final

The Spanish water polo team has added a new title to its wide offering. narrative that drives David Martin Lozano prevailed in the final world Cup after winning Italy (10-4) in a game where they dominated from start to finish. A victory strengthens them before they attack the next world.

Spain managed to enforce its law in long beach (United State) and crowned a wonderful tournament with a brilliant victory over a worthy opponent. Goals pomegranateAnd perunAnd MonarezAnd from bull And Sanhoja It was enough to break Italy, which could not stand the strength of the national team.

After defeating the likes of Germany and Hungary in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, Spain imposed their verdict in the final to be crowned the best team in the World Cup. Having left honey on their lips so many times as they only achieved five bronzes, they added a gold medal to their record. Therefore, the disciples of David Martín Lozano get their best result in this competition a few days after the start of the defense of the World Cup title.

Now, the next litmus test will come in just 11 days Fukuoka. Spain, already declared world champion in 2022, will try to reissue its gold. In addition, they will seek there to validate their presence at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris 2024, where the two finalists will receive the long-awaited ticket.

Primary return

Spain’s best match has yet to begin. A quick goal from the Italian Lorenzo Bruni in the 19th minute from the start of the match was the worst for the national team. Ahead of him he had a team that had enough to score in his previous two matches. However, those of David Martin Lozano did not fall apart.

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A goal from Pironi in 47 seconds put parity back on the scoreboard and, from there, put Spain. Three consecutive goals from Granados gave the national team a key advantage in the first set, which concluded its comeback with another from Pironi.

From there, Spain dedicated itself to maintaining and even expanding its advantage over time. Edoardo di Somma reduced the Italians, but Sanahuja and again Granados avoid any hint of a comeback. Francesco Di Fulvio scored to equalize the second set, but the gap to his opponent was unassailable.

The match continued its rhythm and Peroni was the best player in the final. Di Toro saw Spain win the World Cup to make their first appearance in the World Cup. Another success for a team that is used to high standards and will try to defend their title in Fukuoka.

Spain 10-4 Italy

Spain: Aguirre (Lorio); Monarez (1), Granados (4), Sanahoja (1), De Toro (1), Larrumbi (-), Famera (-), Cabanas (-), Tahoe (-), Peroni (3), Malarache (-) , busts (-)

Italy: Del Longo (Nicosia); Di Fulvio (1), Alisciani (-), Marziale (-), Fondelli (-), Canella (-), Renzotto (-), Echinik (-), Prisciotti (1), Bruni (1), Di Somma (1) ) ), sweet (-)

the reviewer: Boudramis (GRE) and Ivanovsky (MNE).

partial: 5-1, 2-2, 3-1, 0-0

accidents: The final match of the World Cup was held in Long Beach (USA).

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