Two people killed in opposition protests in Benin – Prinsa Latina

Although the authorities did not comment on the events, medical sources indicated that six people were injured during the security forces’ intervention in the city of Pune.

For its part, the army worked in the town of Safi to open several highways heading to the north of the country, amid street demonstrations in which the participants erected barriers to prevent the presence of riot police and the army that opened fire. tear gas.

Benin’s government on Monday accused the opposition of calling for a rebellion with the protests to denounce the end of the president’s term, despite the fact that the winner of Sunday’s election will not take office until next month.

According to the Benin Gate, the authorities took charge of how to deal with the unrest after two days of chaos, and on Thursday the army exempted other security personnel from re-establishing state authority in various fields.

The current disagreement stems from the fact that Talon was sworn in on April 6, 2016, and although a series of constitutional amendments and amendments to the electoral calendar caused the elections to take place on April 11, the inauguration will take place in May and a half from the expiration date of his five-year term.

According to the site, the soldiers will remain stationed in the towns affected by the riots until the day after the presidential elections on Sunday to preserve the peace.

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