Two great new games are now available on Xbox Game Pass

November ends, and with it the latest games that have been integrated into the various catalogs of Microsoft’s successful subscription service. In case tomorrow does not arrive Warhammer 40,000 Darktidewritten by SomosXbox we announce that we already have Two great new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Before we show you a brief description and the platforms on which these two great new Xbox Game Pass games are available, we remind you that you can take a look at the following list that we have compiled All games confirmed for Xbox Game Pass that will arrive throughout 2023 This looks more interesting.

Two great new games are now available on Xbox Game Pass: Insurgency Sandstorm and Soccer Story

in Football story Football has been torn apart by disaster, so we have to save it and restore peace. To do this, we will enjoy a campaign full of characters, referees and extravagant sports, while building our career in the beautiful game and fighting fierce teams such as sharks in the literal sense, kids, old retirees and ninjas.

Sandstorm rebellion It is a first-person shooter game that allows us to enjoy ultra-realistic shooting through places destroyed by a contemporary conflict. We will fear every bullet and impact, because we will feel this as in real life while we compete and enjoy cooperative multiplayer.

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