These are the free games and features with Prime Gaming that will arrive on Prime Day

Starting with Prey, now available for free with GOG thanks to Prime Gaming.

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Like every month, now is the time to announce the new titles that Amazon will give away through its Prime Gaming service, which not only gives us benefits such as the possibility to choose a monthly subscription to the Twitch channel, but also gives us completely free and complete games and content for the most famous of them, such as Destiny 2 or Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, or Diablo IV, as well as next month. But today they are already starting to celebrate the next “peak day”, which will be July 11 with all this.

Just a few minutes ago We’ve dedicated an entry to just the first of them, Prey, not the first, but the one from 2017, created by Arkane Austin (yes, the developers of Redfall). Address is a gem that everyone should experience. Remember that once recovered it will be yours, forever on your computer. But that’s not all, because we will have a free match every week. This is how the games will arrive:

List games and benefits with Prime Gaming for Prime Day

Free games for PC

  • victim Available now via GOG
  • Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Available June 27 through the Amazon Games app
  • Shovel Knight: Showdown Available July 6th via the Amazon Games app
  • Star wars the force unleashed July 10th via the Amazon Games app

Free content (also valid for console)

  • Monitoring 2 – Now available – 5 boost levels
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 – Available June 22nd – Bundle Track Rivals
  • Diablo IV – Available July 6th – Blarkish Fetch Mount Package
  • Pokemon GO – Available July 10th – Prime Exclusive Mission Pack, “Timed Research”

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