Trump’s impeachment trial begins this Tuesday: The Senate approves structure and timeline

United States Capitol during the January 6 attack. Photo: Reuters

On Monday, the US Senate approved the structure and timeline that will follow the impeachment trial of former President Donald TrumpWhich will start on Tuesday.

This was announced by leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, explaining that it was a consensual decision with the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, and with Trump’s attorney, to reach a “bipartisan solution”.

“The Hill” newspaper reported that this agreed structure “will ensure a fair and impartial political trial for the former president in the Senate.”

For his part, McConnell was “pleased” to reach an agreement with his Democratic counterpart for A. “A fair process and an estimated timeline for the upcoming trial in the Senate,” which would “give Senators as jurors sufficient time to receive the case and the arguments.”

The prosecution and defense will each have 16 hours to present their case, and the timetable will allow the trial to end next week, if the two parties agree not to summon witnesses.

On Tuesday, the Senate will vote on the constitutionality of the “indictment” – the main argument in defense of the former president – while on Wednesday opening arguments will begin.

After the arguments are presented by the parties, it is expected that The Senate has four hours to ask questions of both the defense and the prosecution. Finally, the parties will have two hours to present their final arguments.

Schumer concluded that at a later time, “We will vote on the impeachment clause. And if the former president is convicted, we will proceed to vote if he qualifies to enjoy any position of honor, trust, or benefit in the United States.”

Trump faces his second trial, This time because of “incitement to revolt” and his role in the attack on the Capitol that his supporters carried out on January 6th.

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